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About Le Chantier Dental Clinic

Opened in 1994, Le Chantier Dental Clinic is the most advanced dental practice in Seychelles,thanks to Dr.Silvana Bisogni ,long time resident in the Island and and Dr Tazio Tournier, freshly moved from Europe and bringing all the latest equipments such as : -a 3D dental Ct Scan, the only one available here, to make 3 dimensional Xr’s. - Conscious Sedation with Nitrogen Protoxide - Invisible orthodontic treatment with Invisalign -State of the art laboratory for Zirconia metal-free ceramic crowns and veneers with 3D design,

Dr. Tazio Tournier:
 born in 1972 in Italy, graduated in 1999 at University of Medicine and Surgery of Genova,Italy as a surgeon dentist with 110/110 cum laude. He attended many postgraduated courses at Penn University,Philadelphia USA and in Germany with Professor Dr. Fouad Khoury,dealing with implantology ,bone regeneration and dental surgery.
He attended for 3 years courses with dr Egon Euwe ,one the prominent esthetic dentist in Europe.! After 15 years in his own practice ,he decided to move to Seychelles to take over Dr Silvana Bisogni practice,bringing all the latest technics and equipments.

He loves learning new languages: he speaks English,French,Italian and also some Spanish,German and Arabic.

Dr Natasha Shroff,
born in 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia, where she completed her education. Title of Doctor of Dentistry she received by graduating on University of Belgrade in 2003. Soon after she moved to Seychelles where she worked in Seychelles Hospital for two years and later on moved into private sector, working in Royal Dent and Le Chantier Dental Clinic, since November 2018 where her work mainly involves esthetic dentistry , endodontic and prosthodontic treatments. She is fluent in English and understands Creol and Russian. She is married to a Seychellois and they have two children.

DEINA HOARAU: she was born in 1975 and she’s been a dental assistant since 1996. She is in charge of all the organization of the practice. She is trained also for dental scaling, orthodontic and surgery assistance. She is a very precise,clever and wise person that can always find a soul tin to problems with a calm and easy way.

ATRISIA POOL: Even if she is the youngest in the practice ,she is only 26 years old and working here since 2012, she has a very important role in the team,with her kind manners and quick mind of her age!! She is trained also for dental scaling ,orthodontic and surgery assistance.

Dental Services

  • Bleaching

    It is not difficult to have whiter teeth! We have 2 ways to improve your smile, Home Bleaching: with one impression we provide 2 transparent mask that will be filled with a special gel . After 5-7 nights of treatment you’ll have a wonderful nice white smile. LED lamp: within 15 to 30 minutes with a special gel and a strong lamp , you will get a nice smile!!

  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Some patients will need a little more work to have a nice smile. In some cases we need to cover the surface of the teeth with a thin layer of ceramic (veneer) to have a better ! color and shape Or we can correct gaps! !!!Or many other different situations.

  • Digital radiography

    In order to have a precise diagnosis ,sometimes we need to make Xray's .! In our practice we can offer the latest equipment in digital radiography.! !!!!-INTRAORAL XR’S : the small Xr’s to see cavities, calculus, fillings….! !!! ! -PANORAMIC or OPT: it gives the image of the whole mouth for a better study of the bone,wisdom tooth,supernumerary or missing tooth.

  • 3D Dental Scan

    Is a revolutionary dental imaging system that provides three dimensional, high-resolution dental images. This machine is the only one in Seychelles and it is vey useful for exact reconstruction of bone for implants, surgery, wisdom tooth extraction , maxillary sinus investigation.

  • Implantology

    Nowadays implants are a safe way to replace a missing tooth in the mouth.We use Megagen Titanium Implants as artificial root which is inserted in the bone and then aceramic tooth is placed on it.! In some cases where there is not enough bone, we have to regenerate it with BGR (bone guided regeneration ) technics or with Maxillary Sinus Lift. With the 3D Scan we can study the bone to know exactly how is the bone for the implant.

  • Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide

    $ 7.00

    Conscious sedation dentistry allows you to enter a state of relaxation while staying awake during the procedure. Although you won't feel any pain, you'll be able to respond to your dentist's
    questions and commands. As communication is key with any dentist-patient relationship, conscious sedation is an excellent option for fearful dental patients. It is a fantastic option for children , fearful or anxious patients: they will easily breath through their noses in a small mask and after 3-4 minutes they will start to fill more relaxed .! When the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately with no side effects or recovery time.!

  • Invisible orthodontic treatment

    $ 7.00

    If you wish to correct your smile (crowding,crooked teeth,gaps) we have this new treatment based on totally invisible masks !! It is a revolutionary therapy very helpful for adults and children without the discomfort of braces!!

Esthetic Treatment

Esthetic treatment to face rejuvanation.

"In our practice we take care of your face and lips also!

With simple injections of Jaluronic Acid or Botulin Toxine ( Botox) we can really make you look younger!